Thursday, March 08, 2018

Effetre 767 Blueberry Raspberry

Well, well, well. Sometimes, you just have to say - isn't that interesting.

 The quarter pound package contained mostly light coloured, whitish, rods, and one kind of pinkish. This was typical of all the packages.

 And the results?

It really did go blue, a pale turquoise that developed a light metallic layer - in the flame. That was a surprise - it does not look blue at all.

 You can see it on the back of the big bead too. Initially, as I was working it, I could get it to go away with heating, but as I worked, it became persistent.

The odd rod out - the pink/red rod - I used for the horse himself, and ... the difference is quite dramatic. When it was molten and I was laying it down, it had a lot of transparent in it. Much more so than the light rods.
(That's a bit of frit around his face for contrast.)

Over all - this glass is a puzzler. The light rods went light turquoise. The red rod when streaky pink and blue. The pink rod really lives up to the name Blueberry Raspberry - the light rods - are less variable.

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