Saturday, June 26, 2010

CiM 590 Great Bluedini vs Effetre 027 Dark Teal

Ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to the squared circle. In tonight's competition, we have two well-matched contenders.

In one corner, direct from Italy - a veteran champion - I give you - Effetre 027 Dark Teal.

In the other corner, an up and coming new talent from the other side of the world, CiM 590 Great Bluedini.

Gentlemen - I want good, clean fight - go to your corners please!

*clang *clang *clang

The question is: how similar is Eff Dark Teal and CiM Great Bluedini (the original - not the uniques.) They look pretty similar - barring differences in rod thickness. So what about in actual use.

Here we have one long bead - that looks like spacers stuck together, as that is pretty much what it is. Starting from the right side, we have.

Bluedini self colour, Dark Teal self colour. Bluedini over clear, Dark Teal over clear. Bluedini over white, Dark Teal over white. (The Bluedini sections have clear dots on one side to help tell them apart as well.)

They sure look pretty dark similar.

Here's another view - strongly backlit. The solid Bluedini is slightly more blue than the Teal, which looks a little greener.

Over clear - they both look the same.

Over white, the Bluedini seems a little darker and richer (although it is possible I got a thicker layer on.)

Overall - I'd say - pretty dark similar! Either one is a fabulous colour.

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