Monday, June 21, 2010

Effetre 230 - Neptune

Well - this IS an odd one. This is definitely different.

Put this glass in the same category as Eff. Dark Silver Plum and Metallic Black.

'Cause this one does the same sort of thing - goes metallic - sometimes matte metallic, sometimes shiny. But this dark green glass doesn't stay green.

Unless you put some clear on it.

So the tip I got for this glass was "Make a bead and scribble on it with some clear stringer."

So I did just that. As I didn't have that much of this glass - I made the core bead in clear, encased it in Neptune, and smoothed it out. As I encased it - I saw it going a very bright, silvery metallic. I scribbled on it with some clear stringer, and melted it in and smoothed it. And this is what I got - the greenish - a blue green like the Petroleum Green - showing through the clear, and the rest a very dark metallic steel look.

Interestingly how, if you google "moretti effetre neptune" you get a bunch of vendors - all using the same photo of the same bead to illustrate this glass - and theirs is turquoise. This is not turquoise - it is definitely a dark green. A blue green, to be sure - but so not turquoise.

In fact - this is almost like the silver grey you get on turquoise if you reduce it, but not so much that it turns red.

I never did get the super light silvery colour again that I had when I first laid the glass down - I wonder if that is because I work so hot?

Anyway - the instructions I see online elsewhere say to reduce the glass to get this effect - but I didn't have to - like Dark Silver Plum - it just does it. Either that or I had the torch set to a slight reduction atmosphere - but I tried deliberately reducing it, and it didn't change.

The glass is obviously hand-pulled. It is what I think of as "Bamboo" shape - the rods get thicker and thinner and have slightly bulging "joins" that remind me of bamboo. It has a slightly rough texture too.

Oh, and it is as shocky as h3ll too. Not so bad that it is completely unworkable - but definitely pushing into that category.

And here is a pair of spacers - Shiny in a spot - mostly matte.

And another pair - same idea - matte and shiny.

I may have to compare this head to head with Dark Silver Plum. Guess I should try writing on DSP with a clear stringer too, eh?

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