Monday, June 14, 2010

CiM 346-1 Ghee Unique

Ghee is clarified butter - you melt the butter, skim off the solids that float to the surface and it is used in cooking. Last time I melted butter in the skillet - I got side tracked and the butter burned.

This unique batch of Ghee accurately represents the colour of burned butter. :-P

The rod itself looks fine, not much different from the heated to the unheated - so the question is, did this strike in the kiln? Or did I burn the heck out of it? Hmmm?

Cuz you could not call this yellow. Dark brown, and not very translucent. Like - burned butter!

It starts out looking translucent when you make the bead, and appears to go brown - and when you pull it out of the kiln - Lo! It's brown.

Did I mention - it's brown?

The spacer withe dots is an ivory base, with 346-1, and intense black dots. You can hardly see them.

This might make an interesting horse or tree trunk colour - but - it's really dark.

I wonder if I really did burn it? I guess I should try again? Just to check.

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