Sunday, June 13, 2010

CiM 893 African Gray - Limited Run

This is a nice, creamy colour to work. Very soft.

It seems to end up being truer grey than the rod. The rod has an attractive shimmer to it that, strangely enough, is retained in the finished bead - although it is subtle - it has almost a cat's eye effect. (Mostly, those lovely rods that appear to have a silky look - it goes away - with the exception of shampoo glass which is a whole 'nother animal!)

Seriously - it is subtle, you have to be moving the bead and looking at it under strong light to notice it. Like a shadow of light racing over the surface of the bead. Or I'm hallucinating.

Anyway - it's a nice, streaky slate grey.

This one has dots, in Effetre Intense black.

Here they are again - such a handsome couple.

This one is a bit hard to see, this is a bead in CiM Hades, with African Gray dots, and Effetre Intense Black dots on top. Both the Hades and the Intense Black have bled into the African Gray, but in different ways. (Click on the pic for the full size version.)

Being a "Limited Run" - not sure how available this will be or how many places will carry it. I do like it, and I'm not a big fan of grey - but I can definitely see using this for horse and dogs and cats and elephants and seals and other organic things.

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