Friday, June 18, 2010

Update on the Brass Handled Mandrels

Update - two more of them bent in the process of pulling beads - which makes them way too disposable.

I've gotten private feedback from others that they really did not have good success with these either. Umm - "hated them" might be more accurate. ;-)


  1. I completely agree. Tried them a long time ago, because they were so shiny in the package. Silly me!
    For the price of a couple of set of 1/16 brass handled mandrels, I could buy an entire package of pound of stainless steel rods locally at my Princess Auto. They are 36" long and once cut into 3's I have over 60 mandrels.
    Believe me, if one of the 60 bends, no biggie. I usually only replace one per year, and I make a lot of beads!
    I work predominately with 1/16 so this saves me lots of $$ to buy more glass!

  2. Have you tried the Devardi (?) glass? I believe it's from India. Works cooler than most but the rods are very layered and shock-ey. Any comments?

  3. Hmm -that is new to me. I will investigate further.