Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CiM 590-2 Great Bluedini Unique 2

Gosh - I hope CiM decides to keep these two uniques and add them to their line-up. I'll have to find some of the original Bluedini and compare to that as well.

Unique 1 was a Dark Aqua, but Unique 2 is more like a Columbian Emerald. Definitely green, but definitely a blue green.

Just a gorgeous shade of green, as a matter of fact.

In this second picture, from the right side, we have self-coloured solid, over white, and over clear.

You can see - by itself it is a pretty dark colour and needs diluting.

But a thin layer over clear! Just glows.

And over ivory - looks more green still, which is common in the aqua/teal transparents - as they interact with the ivory - much like opaque turquoise/greens do.

And here they are, head to head. Unique 1 on the left, Unique 2 on the right. You can just see using these two colours together to make something very oceany - right?

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