Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Beads, Baby

Appropo. of absolutely nothing at all - I just thought I'd share these with you.

I felt like making something - large. With some heft to them. Like a bead you could hold in your hand and feel like you could throw it through a window.


These are on a base of clear - made on big mandrel - the hole is 5.5 mm. Great way to use up odds and ends of clear. Goober and glob ivory all over it and melt it in. A few light strings of Hades, some globs of Turquoise, Grass Green, Medium Lapis. A tiny bit of Psyche stringer too. Melt it all like crazy - get that Hades breaking up.

Refine and tweak the shape a bit.

Turn down the oxygen, get a little reduction coming up on the green.

There you go!

I made these on my Mid-Range - with two concentrators - a 5 lpm and a 9 lpm. They take about 45 minutes - I think. I find it very hard to keep track of time when I'm creating.

The slightly heartish shaped one (in the palm of my hand) is 57 x 55 x 18 mm. Or about 2 x 2 x .75 inches. It's the thickness of them that makes them seem so substantial, I think. The same one is 98 grams - about 3.5 ounces.


  1. These are some incredible beads. I love the way the colors web into each other and the way the shapes morph with the color.

  2. wow those are some huge honking beads! huge and beautiful