Saturday, July 03, 2010

Update on Graphite Shaper with non-functional handle

A little while ago, I reviewed a tool with a handle that I said was "not-usable." As soon as you started to use it - the heat transmitted through the handle made it so hot that you could not finish the bead.

Apparently - I was not the only one complaining.

And the company - to their credit - listened.

Their tools now come with a foam covering that stops the heat transmission dead. It is a slip on handle. It fits tightly, does not slip - stops the heat, and does not burn wildly. I tried. If you stick it in the flame and hold it, you can get it to burn, but it goes out when you take it out of the flame - unless you've really had it in there a long time.

And it's comfortably squishy.

Kudos to them for listening - this handle is now a win!

Now, as to getting a decent shape with the tool - that is another matter for another post. The deficiency there may be all mine. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous1:05 p.m.

    hello at home ;)
    i jused tools from cgbeads, price is low, quality is good and no heat . . .
    hug from swiss . . .