Thursday, July 29, 2010

CiM 717 Khaki

Well - who knew? Here's a colour of CiM I haven't tried! Not even a new colour, but an old one. This is CiM Khaki.

I went looking for a grey for a horse bead, and I was wishing I had more of the CiM African Grey, but I know I am out of that. I was hunting through my CiM stash - "Oo, that looks like a grey," sez I to myself. "But it says Khaki. Better go look it up on the blog, before I make a green horse." And lo - it's not there. Ok, better try it out.

When I think "Khaki" - I think of a greener colour - although, now that I google it, Wiki has a very nice entry on the general confusion surrounding the colour. My experience with it would have come from home and my mother, who was an officer in the British Army and the British military uses a greener colour.

So - in common experience in North America - apparently Khaki is thought of more grey-like or beigey. Fair enough - no one said my experience of the world was common!

On the left, a self coloured bead, a little streaky. On the right, rolled in white frit (Effetre frit).

Here - with a stringer of Hades. Nice feathering.

And here, with a stringer of Triton, and reduced. Nice fuming effect on the Khaki. Kind of makes it ... Khaki-coloured. ;-)

Anyhoo - I think it will do nicely for the horse bead.

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