Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Effetre Caribbean

Here's another interesting new glass from Effetre. Again - like a cored cane with a transparent centre.

This one is a blend of greens and turquoise, and it very nice. Not nearly as dramatic as Calico Cat - but nice.

Does the turquoise react with Ivory? Why, yes it does!

As I went to make the first bead, I noticed some reduction - so I turned the oxygen up. But, a few beads later, what if I deliberately reduce them? Then what? Well - check this out!

And from the other side.

Ain't that cool? These were worked in a soft, bushy flame, as opposed to reducing afterwards.

Caribbean - has some drama to it after all!


  1. Pretty cool. Did you get any of that grey gunk we get with turquoise?

  2. good point. No - I don't see any on the beads on re-examination.

  3. That looks fun to work with! I love the reaction you got in the soft bushy flame!


  4. Perusing your blog this fine 4th of July, and came across this post. Thank you! I got a few rods of this in an unmarked bundle, and I love it. But I had NO idea what the hell it was. Now. Can reorder it when I run out :)