Sunday, May 01, 2011

Success with Frit

I think I may have ended my long-running hate-affair with frit and finally found a way to make it work for me.

Those of you who read this blog regularly will have noticed that I have tried a number of frits and been less than enchanted with the end results.

And then it struck me - it was a matter of scale! It's not that I don't like the random patterns of frit - it's that they just don't have enough room to play on your regular sized spacer!

So - I tried going bigger. This bead is 2 inches across. The base is Vetro 960, with trails of EDP and black, with the frit Mood Swings, with clear ridges built up.

This is also 2 inches across. Same colours, with out the textural clear.

This is a little smaller - about 1.5 inches across. A custom blend of frits that I had laying around.

I like a bead with heft - that you could lob throw a window. Without opening it first. ;-)

So - frit. Go big or go home. For me, anyway.


  1. Gail DB4:01 p.m.

    Hey DJ -- and you gave many of your frits away! You can have mine back if you want... really - though I have grown fond of one of them. I haven't got tired of playing with frit yet. I especially like to drag it. :-)

  2. I did a clean up on the weekend, sorting and consolidating - I have a cardboard box full - no shortage of frits here. But thank you anyway.