Friday, May 06, 2011

Effetre 717: Green Dreamz

Effetre 717 Green Dreamz. With a z. This is a very dark glass - but when you dilute it enough - really cool streaks emerge.

The rods don't look so dark, - darkish - but not dark, dark.

They certainly don't look like they are going to go "so dark it might as well be black."

Bead on the right is self-coloured - the bead on the left is over clear - note the cool streaky dreamy underwater seaweed thing it has going on.

And over white! Awesome. Totally looks like you spent hours pulling sophisticated ribbon cane.

I haven't tried encasing it yet - so I don't know if it's ok with that - but this definitely looks like it wants to be in an aquarium bead!

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