Thursday, May 12, 2011

Graphite Shaping Tool - Long Cylinder

Wow. I may have had some kind of break-through in terms of using shaping tools.

Cuz this one worked for me too! After the blogged success of the open ended shaper - I tried this one. I figured that this had to be sized for some of the lampwork accessories, like the letter openers and stuff. (Some are shorter, like the butter knife and the fountain pen.)

Again, I started small and in the centre, and pre-shaped it into a cylinder using a flat marver - then used this to refine and check the shape - gradually building up both ends till it was long enough.

This actually combines very nicely with the open ended marver, using both to refine your shape as needed.

No tool is ever a slam dunk - glass continues to need your full attention - but these tools can make it easier and less frustrating to get from A to B.

Bead illustrated is Hades at one end, ivory at the other, with Raku Jitterbug frit.

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