Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gold Coloured Glasses

Olympic Color Rods just sent out an email notice that due to the rising price of gold - all their gold-based colours are going up in price. Olympic sells mostly furnace glass - for casting and blowing - so if you aren't familar with them - that's why. But they do have frit and tools and some lampworking supplies, and even some 104 COE stuff (although it is mostly 96 COE - which is what furnace glass generally is) - and the site is nicely laid out and attractive - so it's worth a look.

But that's not where I was going with this - where I WAS going is that they included a list of the gold-based colours that are going up, which is decent of them, but more to the point - gives us an insight as to which colours have gold in them, and what gold does in terms of the colours it creates.

Notice the predominance of pinks, some purples (check out that r-14 Hyacinth - to die for!) and a smattering of browns (topazes). (Some of these links seem a little scrambled - but you get the idea.)

Pinks, Purples and Browns have gold in them - and that accounts for their higher prices. That's why Effetre's Rubino Oro (Ruby GOLD) and EDP are so much more expensive.

If nothing else - you can use this as a talking point when you sell beads. "Ah yes - isn't that a beautiful shade of pink? That colour is made with gold you know - real gold in the glass."

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