Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blowed up REAL GOOD

Wow - I seldom have a bead failure this epic!

Not sure if it came out of the kiln cracked, or fell apart coming off the mandrel - as I wasn't in the studio at the time.

It's kinda cool looking though - almost like a geode!

Must of gotten a rod of boro in the core - it's a clear core with just surface decoration.

There's incompatibility for you!


  1. wow, that is one unhappy bead. I had it when I get a boro or BE rod in the wrong pile.

    It does look like a geode.

  2. Interesting that would happen to you of all people. Agree with Lara about something being in the wrong pile, or, somebody selling glass that should be in a pile that it wasn't in.

  3. I think I was wondering at the time why it was taking so long to smooth out ...