Friday, April 29, 2011

Vetro 960 Light Pink Pastel vs Vetro 956 Dark Pink Pastel

These two Vetro odd-lots are named Dark and Light Pastel Pink - but the difference between the two is subtle, subtle, subtle.

However, it is a very pretty light rose - so it really doesn't matter which one you grab!

The unworked is a rather dull and uninspiring pale mauve - and looks like it might be somewhat greyish.

Here you can see the beads lined up with their respective rods. The 960 is the bead/rod toward the top of the pic, the bottom/left is the 956.
Here they are again - 960 Light Pink on the left (although - if I had to say - I'd say the 960 is darker) - and the 956 Dark Pink on the right.
Here is a bead with the base of 960 on the left side of the bead, and and 956 on the right. The dots are EDP. Interesting separation.

Nice shade of pale pink and significantly prettier than the rods look like it will be. Odd lots are limited in quantity - so snap it up if you love it!

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