Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Effetre Goldstone Filigrana

I've talked in the past about Goldstone/Aventurine ribbon - but goldstone also comes as filigrana. (It also comes as frit and chunks, for that matter - but that's another topic.)

In fact - prior to the ribbon - the filigrana was the easiest way to use it - but not necessarily the most satisfactory.

It's a little on the thin side, in terms of the amount of actual goldstone stuffed into the middle of it. The end result of that is, that it's not a very intense effect when used.

You can see here, in this close up of the rod - that it is not that intense.
And consequently - beads just wound out of the rod - come out a little wispy. Not that wispy is bad . . . unless you wanted intense.

This really comes to light when you put it down over another colour, like the turquoise here. Instead of a dramatic effect - you get a subtle brindle effect.
I like brindle - but not so much on my beads.

Easy to use - rods look great - but if you want intense glitter - go for the ribbon. Course - subtle might be what you are all about - in that case - go for it!

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