Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CiM 109: Bordello

Another colour I seem to have missed in testing - CiM Bordello, a very dark, very intense red.

By itself - it is so dark - it can read as almost as an opaque.

I did not have a problem with it going brown and livery - although others have reported this.

On the left, Bordello thinly layered over clear. On the right, self-coloured.

And over white. It really pops like this.
This was a thin core of Bordello, with Double Helix Kronos, and heavily encased. It might as well be black.

Here it is in a sculptural piece. You can really see a lot of colour variation, due to it's striking. Areas that are re-heated are darkest, areas that are not - stay shades of light red and amber.

For making twisties and stringers and cored canes - where you need a really dark, intense colour - this would be an excellent choice. Otherwise, you may have to dilute it by using it is over clear or white.

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  1. Gail DB2:00 p.m.

    Thanks as always for useful info. I really like this colour over white... a real cherry red.