Monday, April 25, 2011

CiM 402: Celadon

I just decided to double check the Creation is Messy (CiM) colours to make sure that I had them all. This is a far less daunting task than, say, cross checking all the Effetre colours, as I started reviewing when CiM was fairly young, and have kept up with it.

So, of course - it's some of the older colours that I have missed.

CiM Celadon - a greenish turquoise - reacts strongly with ivory.

This is Celadon, self-coloured. Slightly streaky.

Here, with Light Ivory dots (Effetre I think, but not sure). Very strong reaction. A bit much for my taste, not quite as over the top as the Lauscha Turquoise.
Here is it with dots of CiM Fremen - which is a blue-turquoise.

Celadon is really pretty colour - a must have in my glass palette - adds a really nice green in a hole left by the other glasses.

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