Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Make Sparkling Dichroic Beads: Tutorial by Patricia Frantz.

This tutorial starts with the introduction:

"So many beadmakers have told me over the years that they find dichroic glass scary and difficult to use. I have written this tutorial ... to show how I work with the remarkable glass and make it sparkle."

I have also found this to be true - and so many of my students are so intimidated by it, and by the price! - that they buy a tiny scrap and hoard it for years, never working up the courage to use it. Or they try it, aren't happy with the results, and never try again.

Well - for those of you with dichro-phobia - you should definitely turn to Patricia's tutorial. It is a series of projects, starting with a simple spacer - and working your way up to more complex projects.

She takes you through the process step by step, and has some truly excellent tips on getting good results - especially getting a smooth look without a line at the end of the dichro strip. Actually - even though I've been working with dichro for years with what I like to think of as a reasonable degree of success - (ha ha) - there were some tips in here that I found valuable and have adopted.

Recommended if you are scared of dichro, or even if you aren't.

Ms Frantz sells the tutorial on

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  1. Beautiful beads! I really like bead jewelry, but as I'm sure you'll agree... beads look much better made from dichro! :)