Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Effetre 281 Marmorin Light, Effetre 280 Marmorin

Marmorin Light (top mandrel) and Marmorin (bottom mandrel).

Marmorin Light, self coloured spacer and spacer dotted with ivory (reacts).

The Marmorin started as a transparent brown, but went opaque. On the left - it is dots on white, and on the right, dotted with ivory. The bigger spacer in the middle is partially brown, partially grey - one side was opaque and the other still transparent when it went into the kiln.

However, Reducing these produces some surprises.

This is a clear base, encased with Marmorin Light. The glass in the centre was still clear hot - while the ends were cooler. The center went red-bronze with red blue lustre.

This was a clear base, encased with Marmorin. Didn't get this one quite as hot as the last - which might be why the reduction is not quite as dramatic. The reduction on this is more of a dark chocolate with blue highlights.

Kewel, eh?

BTW, what is Marmorin? Well - marmorino is a traditional Venetian plaster decoration made from left-over crushed marble. Marmorin is also a Polish company that makes kitchen and bathroom sinks from a Marble composite.


  1. I cannot (and no one else I know) can get Marmorin to do anything except look like a pale slightly striated blue with muddy brown splodges when reduced! I usually le the bead cool before reducing but it sounds like you are reducing while the bead is still this the case? Thanks :-)

  2. Blue? Blue I didn't get. I think I may have reduced it while it was still glowing - but I don't remember now. It's worth a shot, however.

  3. Anonymous11:02 a.m.

    My rods range from a pale blue to dirty grey - I have tried everything now (including repeating the way you did it) and cannot get it to look like it does in the paddle or how you have got yours! Someone of FH got it to go muddy pink with brown striations!! I give up!