Monday, August 31, 2009

Effetre 023 Mosaic Green

I love this colour - have for a loooong time. The unworked rods are quite variable - sometimes appearing to be black. In fact - that is how I found this glass in the first place. I grabbed a rod of black from the scrap bin and was then completely baffled as to why my beads came out with this green on them!

The colour you get is quite streaky and variable. You can see from this mandrel with 3 spacers that it can actually stay dark and looks almost transparent, or go a lighter, opaque streaky green the more you work it.

This funny shape on the right has a darker area - it went into the kiln with a very dark splotch on the side - it is not as dramatic as when it went into the kiln - but still visible.

These little cube-ish spacers show a nice streakiness.

The glass is very creamy and fun to work - it gets very soft, but not quite as sloppy as some of the opaques. It's just a lot of fun to use!

And - you can see from this final pic - as reactive as all get out. This beads is decorated with Turquoise, Ivory and - down at the far end - some Tuxedo Odd lot.

I wonder how it reacts w EDP? Hmmmmm.

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