Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Effetre 423 Spanish Leather

Spanish Leather - nice looking colour, no? Nice rich red-brown - a nice organic bricky colour in the rod. But what about the finished bead - what does it look like after melting and annealing.

Don't know. Couldn't tell you. Because that stubby little end is what was left when I gave up trying to heat it to melt it.

Seriously. The whole d4mn rod turned itself into 1/2 inch chunks and frit. I could not melt it - it simple kept blowing up.

Maybe I got a bad rod - maybe not - but as I only got the one rod in the sample pack - I couldn't say. I'll get more and try again, but my take on this as it stands is pass on it. It's literally too shocky to work.


  1. What a shame!!! The pic I saw of the colour sample was luscious!

  2. I got the Spanish Leather from Kerry last July and had no problem with my single rod - I got a rich deep red glossy bead which went beautifully with the sandstone and and other organic colours. Sorry you did not - I hate shocky rods, I've had it in white and in black and with one had to remelt the whole rod so I could use it. Wasn't going to throw it away. I have just ordered some more of the Spanish Leather, hope it still works for me and that you try another rod. It is the exact colour of my mother's leather couch and I get sentimental when I use it.

  3. Anonymous7:58 p.m.

    I tried using the Spanish leather and my beads had blue metallic streaks and the red was a dark terra cotta colour - What happened?

  4. Hmm. That's odd. I would guess that the oxygen / gas mix wasn't quite right. Can you reproduce the results?