Thursday, August 06, 2009

CiM Slytherin

SSSSSs, Slytherin. Do you speak Parceltongue?

Me either, but I'll settle for speaking glass! CiM Slytherin is a very dark green - Slytherin house colour - like a transparent sage, but so dark - you'll need to dilute it. Work thin over white or clear, or pull into stringers. Not really a colour for single colour spacers! Complements the CiM Mojito nicely!

Of the three beads pictured together, the left bead is encased, the center bead is over white! (like you can tell!), and the one on the right is self-coloured. Here is another picture of the white cored bead - you can see the core a little - it's not really making the colour show, for sure.

Like I said, Dark. Like Slytherin and it's members. Let's face it - who would want to belong to Slytherin anyway?

It's a nice green - I bet putting it down over white and pulling into stringer would make nice stringer for vines and leaves.

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