Friday, August 28, 2009

More on the Metal Clay Findings

More experimenting with the fine silver stuff from Metal Clay Findings.

For this - I took one of the plain silver bands - about a size 10 - so fairly large - and jammed it on a newly dipped big hole mandrel - and let it dry for a couple of days. I then built this bead on top of it. It turned out pretty good - although it was some effort to get the bead release off the silver, and I did have to polish it after. I rather think it needs another good polish - maybe stepping back to a light sanding and re-polishing would be good.

I did build up the glass much too much to be actually wearable as a ring - but it did come out rather cool looking.

FYI - the glass is Effetre Nile Opalino plus silvered ivory - a colour combo that Jen intro'd me to a million years ago and I still like very much.

I do like these large hole beads I've been playing with. I just need to work out a killer application for them. ;-)

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