Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bullseye 0127: Nougat

Someone suggested to me that I try the much stiffer Bullseye soft glass - 90 COE - for my sculptural stuff. Seems reasonable - sez I - so I picked up a few colours and tried it.

This is a goddess bead (in case that wasn't obvious ;-) ) in 0127 Nougat. It is stiffer than the Effetre Ivory - in some places (like her back shoulder on her left) I didn't get as smooth a join as I would have liked - but that's probably more due to just getting used to the glass. There is also a little bit of pitting in some places. (On her hip, front right - you can just see it in the first picture.)

I have to admit that I don't like the colour as much as the Effetre or Vetro Ivories - it shows very little, if any, colour variation - but some might consider that a good thing. It is definitely stiffer. The jury is still out on the sculptural preference. It may just be that I am so used to the super soupy 104 COE ivory that this just seems odd.

I might see how this one etches up too.

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