Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nyx: Reheated

Woohoo - lookie - it worked. The instructions for Nyx say that it will kiln strike, and repeated cycles in the kiln will intensify the colour. I've tried it in the past, and it has been my experience, that it doesn't change colour after going in the kiln. I've even tried running a rod through a full annealing cycle - came out as black as when it went it. Bah.

When these beads came out of the kiln as encased black, I was so frustrated, I tossed them back in and told them they could rot there until they changed colour.

The next time I unloaded the kiln - I had been trying new colours. What the heck are these? Oh, yeah - fat mandrel - the nyx! They did change colour! Wow!

So I tried running some of the rods through a full cycle. Woohoo - they changed too.

So I wonder what the heck I am doing different? It is my second batch of Nyx - so maybe it is a different lot? Whatever - I'm annealing the rods for a second time - to see if I get an even more different colour.

Woo hoo - I love glass. Everyday is an adventure!

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