Monday, December 01, 2008

Double Helix - Aether - the joke's on me.

Damn - I could NOT get this glass to do anything - I struck it, I reduced it, I tried it on black - nada. Nothing. Zip-ola.

So I emailed Grace Edwards - where I generally get my Double Helix - What is this new colour "Aether" supposed to do?

Her response was:

omg - I was sure I included the instructions with the sample. It is clear - the new clear from DH and it's so fabulous.

And here's what Double Helix has to say about it:

Aether is a colorless encasing glass designed for superb workability and enhancement of Double Helix colors, engineered to be resistant to boiling, free from seed bubbles, and handled with the utmost care to ensure freedom from scratches and dust. In other words, it is our "clear."

Well - I can say with all confidence - it is clear, and it doesn't scum, boil, reduce, streak, burn or otherwise suffer from abuse - because I did everything to it to try and get it to change colour.

If and when I get some more - I'll let you know how it is for encasing!

The name, Aether, also "Ether," means "Air." Another clue. Ha!


  1. Jeez, that's something that I would have done. So sorry that you went through that, but they should send you a half pound for letting everyone know how clear it really is!


  2. Definitely sounds like something I would do! If it comes from DH it must do something... And my current bead release gives me a pink flame so I think everything is a silver glass these years!


    And yes I would hold out fro a free half pound from DH for the great review!