Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CiM 765 Chai

Resembling nothing quite so much as unshaped Barbie limbs - this new light coffee or extremely-milky-tea coloured CiM Chai looks promising as a nice fleshy colour for making angels, goddesses, and other assorted human-ish like figures.

In fact - from this set of 3 spacers - it appears that the colour gets a little darker and richer with heat - as the third went into the kiln without any re-heating, and is slightly paler than the others.

However - a caution. This glass - uncharacteristic of CiM - I might add - is UBER-SHOCKY. The slenderest of the rods (and that they are rods of different diameters in the pack is also uncharacteristic of CiM) - I did manage to make these beads from that. The rest - well - two of them turned themselves into frit. You can see from this photo - the end of the rod is blown off - not melted. I did toss them into the kiln after that to anneal them again - I'll have another go with them - see if it get's any better.

I suspect it is just part of the batch (Like the Desert Pink - CiM 957 - which is proving to have some rods that are extremely shocky and others that are fine.) - as opposed to all of it. It's just darn hard to get a gather going when the glass keeps blowing up!

This final bead is made with Dark Turquoise on Chai - and you can see there is a little bit of a reaction - not much, around the Dark Turquoise. The Dark Turquoise also appears to be floating on top of the Chai, instead of sinking in - that's sort of interesting.

This colour has real potential for a flesh colour - if it will just stop exploding. ;-)

UPDATE: Annealing the rods helped a lot - they became workable after annealing. Not shock-proof - but definitely more workable.

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