Monday, December 01, 2008

Double Helix - Aura

I got a sample of the new Double Helix Aura. I tested it, and while, I can't say I was having one of my "in the zone" days - I offer these beads as evidence! - Here's what I observed.

The first pic, to the left, is the Aura by itself. In the rod, it is a pale pink, and it strikes to a dark red, with a metallic lustre. This bead was wound off from a gather, cooled, and put in the kiln w/o further working.

This bead, on the right is a very thin layer over white, and reduced after marvering. Notice that it has really terrific gold metallic lustre - with such a mirror finish that you can easily see the camera and make out details! It is streaky - with some sunset reds and oranges, as well as some sagey greens.

This is Aura stringer on a lentil made with CiM Crocus. Remember, Crocus does some interesting things, depending on the light.

This first photo, left, is in incandescent light, on my desk, the second pic is under a fluorescent light, other side of my desk, and the third is under a mixture, in photo tent. Green. I'm thinking that there was some fuming going on from reducing the Aura, and it has made the Crocus colour shift even more dramatic.

Interesting, no?

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  1. Anonymous9:29 a.m.

    Thanks for the interesting post! I've been playing with Aura too and love how easily I can get it to reduce.