Thursday, December 18, 2008

CiM 656 - Black Current Unique

This is labeled Black Currant Unique - the "unique" identifying an "odd-lot" batch or single run colour. Usually - there is a -x number identifier - but I don't see one on this particular lot.

This is a very, very dark purple - almost black - and so rich in colourant - that you get some very interesting effects as the colour crawls and webs.

You can see - when the colour is stretched and thinned - you do get a very Black Current or berry juice colour.

The bead on the left is a self-solid, the one on the right, is Black Currant, white dots, and black current again. Notice how the dots have crawled and are unevenly coloured - giving them an almost inside out look.

This was superheated and worked very hot - to really give the Black Currant an opportunity to go crazy. See how it has webbed?

Again, Black Currant on white - and the edges of the dots are soft and fuzzy.

Pretty cool, eh? Wonder what else I can make it do?

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