Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CiM 667: Poi

Poi, named, I'm presuming, for the taro-root preparation, and not the Polynesian juggling. (Wikipedia - Poi) ;-)

A slightly streaky purple, that develops a brownish effect at the edges.

This effect shows strongly in this photo, although it's less obvious in real life.

These two beads show the streakiness - very nice.

The bead on the left is dotted with light sky blue, and the bead on the right is dotted with light ivory.

Notice the light sky blue has bled, but the ivory edges stay crisp.

This final bead was reduced, but it seems to have had no visible effect.

Another in the family of light, opaque lavendars. I'll have to put it beside some of the others to compare, again!

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