Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CiM 562 - Ming

You say "Ming" - and I tend to think of a pale green - but apparently - that's just me. Audi has been using "Ming Blue" for sometime.

And, quite frankly - if you were to show me a car this colour - I would probably stop at nothing to buy it. This is a truly beautiful colour.

This is a slightly translucent, bright, delirious, burning blue. It belongs more in the cobalt family than these initial pictures indicate - this is a shade of blue that the camera is just not happy about capturing - or the computer monitor is not so capable of rendering.

This is a little closer for accuracy - and you also start to see - a subtle crazing of the colour on the surface of the paddle (click on the image for the larger version for a closer look. Actually - this over-exposed version shows it better.)

Although this third pic looks dark - it is closer to the actual blueness of the blue.

And this spacer is Ming over clear.

And this final one is Ming over White.

This is a stunning shade of blue, and given that I am such a fan of blue, you can bet I'll be getting this one in quantity.

I also want to play around and see if this "crazing" can take me somewhere.

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