Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moretti 684 Tuxedo Cool Odd Lot

Tres kewel - this looks like a plain grey rod, but closer inspection of the cut end reveals three tiny dots of black.

Working this, it comes up with this wonderful streaky look, very dramatic.

But, it turns out, those streaks are Moretti's distinctive purple-black, and the bead comes out of the kiln as a swirl of shades of mauve, not grey.

This is a really cool colour - I would definitely stock up on this one - remember, these are odd lots, and who knows if there will be any more. The name, Tuxedo Cool - doesn't really fit with the mauvey shade - I would think "Blackberry Swirl" would have been more on target - but by any other name, this is a cool and dramatic colour!

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