Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moretti 642 Orange Africa and Moretti 643 American Beauty

Two more very streaky translucent glasses. Translucent isn't really the right term - transparent with wisps of colour.

The colour on the left in both pics (and the first pic is the more accurate for colour) is Orange Africa. The orange is a dull sandstormy kind of orange, not a happy orange. The bead on the right is American Beauty, and the colour fails to live up to the promise of the rose of the same name. The rod is significantly redder - but it goes grey when heated, and never really comes back to a nice red again. Both of these colours look much nicer and brighter in the bead when backlit. On a dark surface, they look quite dull.

Still, the wispiness is very nice and you may find a use for it in your palette.

Both of these colours look pretty nasty when hot, btw. Grey and unappealing.

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