Sunday, April 13, 2008

CIM 241 Creamsicle and CIM 140-1 Unique Lipstick Light

New Odd lots from CIM (Creation is Messy) - the new Chinese made glass that is offering some lovely new colours.

On the left is Creamsicle (Not to be confused with the Vetro odd lot of the same name.)

This is a totally yummy colour, a bright mango color that can be struck to a bright mandarine orange colour - note the colour variation in the photo from the top of the bead to the middle front. That is actually colour difference, not an artifact of the camera. Love this colour!

The bead on the right is Lipstick Light Unique - CIM uses the Unique designation for it's odd lots.

The actual colour is better represented in the second picture - which I have colour corrected to better show accurate colour (some shades of red are really very hard to shoot accurately.) This is a fun shade, very lipsticky, although not the shade of mankiller red that is so popular these days - more of a mid-eighties au naturel lipstick colour. A bricky shade of red, but not unpleasant.

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