Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moretti 644 Marine Wave, Moretti 680 Green Tea

New odd lots from Moretti - as they respond to the popularity of the odd lots being offered by Vetrofond, I should think.

New up, on the far left, "Marine Wave" - a very pale aqua that is uber-bubbly. This is kind of fun - normally, one wouldn't think of praising a transparent that is just LOADED with air bubbles, but these could actually work with the design. I'd try doing a really aquarium or undersea scene with this for the encasing. Could make a fun background for florals too.

Center bead is Moretti 680 "Green Tea." This is a nice streaky, pale green tea ice cream colour. I thought it would behave like Turquoise and react with Ivory, so the third bead (or the bead on the far right) is Green Tea dots on light ivory. While there are some interesting smudges, there is not the classic turquoise/ivory reaction dark grey line.

This final set is Green Tea dots on "Hawaiian Clay" - more on that new colour in a later post.

I like both the Marine Wave and Green Tea. Thumbs up on these two.

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