Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confused Mustard - Moretti 650 Mustard Rock and Maybe 651 Yellow Rock Odd Lot

My hand labeled assortment of the new odd lot colours from Moretti contained two colours, both labelled 650 Mustard Rock. However, the rods were two different colours, one being a dark English mustard colour, and the other being a brighter yellow French's mustard colour. Ok, it's actually a bit greener than French's mustard, more of a snot colour, really. However, the list of colours that came with it, had a 650 Mustard Rock and a 651 Yellow Rock - so I'm guessing that there was a mixup in the labelling, and the lighter, yellowier one is the Yellow Rock. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it!

The left bead is the Mustard Rock (I think!) and the centre bead is the same colour, with light sky blue dots (which have reduced, I have not soaked them in CLR or anything to remove the reduction - obviously, as it is still on the mandrel!) There does appear to have been a colour reaction, making for a nicely delineated edge to the dots.

The bead on the right is the Yellow Rock (IMHO).

These are both really cool, streaky organic looking colours - although, once heated, they are not as different as they look in the rod.

This is a horse bead made with the Mustard rock layered over Light Ivory. You can see that is has developed a lot of streakiness, especially where the glass is in different thicknesses.

These are both really cool colours, and definitely deserve a place in the studio of those that like nice, organic streaky colours! (the paddle sample is the darker of the two samples.)

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