Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moretti 681 Strawberry Shake, Moretti 682 Cherry Shake Odd Lots

Two more in the new oddlots from Moretti. On the left is "Strawberry Shake" and on the right is "Cherry Shake" - they are well named, in that they really have that streaky fruit swirled into ice cream look, but these are both very subtle colours. They are pretty hard to tell apart, The Strawberry Shake is a little more orange, has a little more colour, but the Strawberry and Cherry are pretty hard to tell apart in the finished bead - in the rod, the Cherry is the noticabley darker colour.

The Strawberry is also very soft, softer than white, I think. The Cherry shocks a little. Both benefit from a little striking to bring up their colour streaks.

These two colours are so similar, I wouldn't buy both. I'd go with the Strawberry because the colour shows a little better. Mostly, they are too subtle for my own tastes.

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