Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moretti 654 Brown Rock and CIM 140 Lipstick

On the left is M654 - it was labelled CIM 654, but I can't find a 654 on their site, and I was supposed to get a Moretti 654. BTW - you should check out the Creation is Messy site if you haven't already. It is the glossy dark brown of a horse chestnut (but a little darker than a chestnut horse!). It is called Brown Rock.

The bead on the right is Lipstick, and it is a brick red colour, that would not be a fashionable lipstick today, for sure. And *%$# hard to show accurately on the monitor, for sure.

I like the very dark brown of the chestnut Brown Rock. That one's a keeper!

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