Sunday, October 02, 2016

CiM 544 Aloha

CiM Aloha - carrying on with the run of turquoisey colours - this is a bright blue turquoise - that bright, delirious burning blue of a hot summer day.

Two self coloured spacers and one with dark ivory dots. Very strong reaction between the ivory and the blue. (Ignore the cat hair stuck to the bead, please.)

I tried a reduction on this bead - quite a dramatic red. 
 From another angle. Again - definitely a strong reduction.

Just the faintest hint of the metallic grey - barely visible here.
 And a little streakiness.
The first half of the rod was very shocky, but then it settled down, so I can't say whether it was that rod, or is a characteristic of this colour.

Anyway - I will have to play with this some more to see how it compares to Eff. Dark Sky Blue. But I'm definitely liking it.

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