Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CiM 122 Maroon

CiM Maroon - no five, thank you very much - is one of those very dark reds that leaves you wondering if is a transparent or an opaque. CiM describes it as "dense," and dense it is.

It is a dark cherry-jam colour that will function as an opaque, but if you use it very thin - it will reveal itself as a transparent.

Try it over white or clear, in stringers, twisties or filigrana. 

Two self-coloured spacers.

 With the light hitting at just the right angle, you can see some light gleaming through the edge of the bead.

The tips of these doodads are not completely struck out.
 And backlit - you can appreciate the colour.
 And if you get it thin enough - it's a pretty glorious red!

And, of course - it is stiff like a transparent - so if you need that - this might be better than an opaque for you.

As with the CiM reds in general - I see no trace of "livering" - that unpleasant brownish cast that plagues some of the transparent reds.

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