Friday, October 21, 2016

CiM 312 Yellow Brick Road

CiM Yellow Brick Road is a soft, light palamino colour, that reminds me a lot of the colour reactions and variations that Effetre Opal Yellow and CiM Stone Ground are known for.

You can see the colour variations that you can get in the end of the heated rod.

It goes white as it cools, and then continues to turn back to yellow.

 The two round headpins are pretty evenly coloured, but the flattened one on the right shows a rosy blush from the rapid cooling and re-heating to firepolish.
 Pretty evenly coloured, a bit of rosy blush along the leading edge, where it gets a bit more heat.
 With turquoise dots. Not a grey line per se, but a reaction of some sort. This wasn't really visible when it went into the kiln, either.
 And EDP dots. Looking very much like Eff. Opal Yellow at this point.

Make a palomino pony with this, or try silver foil and then EDP and Turq dots.

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