Thursday, October 13, 2016

CiM 540 Class M Planet

CiM Class M Planet. Maybe you've been looking for one of these? (Cuz this one seems to have some issues - is the warranty about to run out?)

CiM's website says that this is a "opaque blue laden with silver" - which causes me to wonder what other tricks it might have up it's sleeve?

The rod is an opaque, slatey blue.

From the left - two self coloured spacers and one with dark ivory dots. 
 You can see the greenish tone on the spacers and the dotted spacer. Note also the bleeding/feathering and light reaction at the edge of the ivory dots.

And, a round bead, in honor of the name. 
 Here - however, in a more worked piece, you see this colour start to differentiate itself.
 A greenish blush has formed, apparently relative to cooling and heating.
I suspect this glass will need more playing with to understand it's full potential.

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