Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CiM 441 Dragon

CiM Dragon - CiM - CiM calls this an "opaque green laden with silver" - which seems to make it the reverse of CiM's Class M Planet. Hmm - a class M planet with dragons. Sign me up.

As it cools, it turns opaque light blue, and then continues to cool back to green.

Overall - it is primarily green with some blue streakiness and some potential purpliness.

Note the colours that develop on the rod from heating. 
 Interesting, eh?
 Headpins. Green.
 On an ivory base - no grey line - but some interesting reaction/separation occurring.

 Leaves. Quite a bit of colour variation from the heating, rapid cooling, firepolishing.
 And check it out - some purplish stuff happening.

Quite a bit of colour variation on this flame,  places that get more heat are lighter in colour.

Lots of interesting potential with this one. I look forward to playing with this one and Class M Planet too.

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