Saturday, October 15, 2016

CiM 542 Blue Arrow Frog

CiM Blue Arrow Frog - named for that colourful poison frog - Dendrobates tinctorius azureus - the whole poison frog thing is very interesting - you should read it. They get their poison from their diet - not by manufacturing it, for instance. 

And maybe make a frog bead too. Turquoise frit. Some black frit for the dots - or maybe a dark iris reduction frit?

Anyway, this super pretty opaque dark blue is virtually indistinguishable from Effetre 242 Medium Lapis. How indistinguishable, you ask?  

Well - that centre bead has dots of Medium Lapis on it. 

Maybe from this angle? 
 How about now - right up under the light?

Yep - that's how close they are. I think you can fairly safely consider Blue Arrow Frog and Medium Lapis to be interchangeable.

What a wonderful colour. Mmmm - bluuuuuuue. 

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