Friday, November 13, 2009

Vetro 058 - Intense Blue

Well - the number may be different - but I would say - for all intents and purposes - as far as I can tell - Effetre 057 Intense Blue and Vetro 058 Intense Blue are equivalent. They may not have the same numbers - but they are pretty indistinguishable.

Even the rods look fundamentally the same. That the Effetre at the top of the pic on the left, and the Vetro at the bottom.

Both are truly beautiful. That stunning Noxema jar shade of blue. Sure - the transparent cobalt blue is gorgeous - but can be a bit dark. This intense blue can be made up into self-coloured spacers without the need dilute it over clear or white.

Although it does look wonderful over white.

And here it is, in a rectangular tablet - over clear (Lauscha clear). This bead is half and half - Vetro 058 on the left and Effetre 057 on the right.

And here they are again - it's the Vetro on the left and the Effetre on the right.

Truly beautiful blue. I'll be buying this by the pound!

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  1. It looks gorgeous etched too - the blue glows!