Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CiM 413 - Peacock Green

I'm now working my way back through older CiM colours - colours that I have recently discovered that I haven't blogged. I started testing colours before I was blogging them. In fact, I started blogging them so there would be a record that I could go and look up - as I was losing track. The blog is proving to be an excellent resource for me - and I do get some feedback that others find it useful too.

Anyway - Peacock Green is one of my first loves in CiM - that and Halong Bay - I think. This colour is just soooooo gorgeous. It is an almost transparent, translucent glass in a soft mist green. This not quite transparent is referred to as milky, opal, moonshine, eggwhite - depending on the source and language of origin. Whatever you call it - it is lovely! I'm a fan. It is transparent enough that you can encase with it, and it just adds a hint of colour. Or - just roll the beads directly in this colour for a lovely misty green bead.

Here's three self-coloured spacers. Mighty fine beads.

And two, pale - over white. And cooked 'em, I might add. Notice the white is NOT smooth.

And this is where Peacock Green shines, in a larger bead - where the colour becomes more intense, but you get to see through the glass as well.

This bead is decorated with Metallic Black - which is looking nicely gold, when the angle is right (i.e. none of the photos I took.)

I've been loving this glass for a long time - apols for taking so long to share it w you. Oh well, all the more for me!

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