Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Troll/Pandora etc. - style Beads -- Update

Hot tip on making the Pandora style beads on the pre-formed cores!

Instead of putting them onto a mandrel with wet bead release - waiting overnight for it to dry, and then dealing with the bead release that got into the wrong place . . . .

Take a stainless steel chopstick - many of you will already have them as they make excellent punties - and push the insert on at the small end. Because the chopstick is tapered - they will wedge - and you can then wind your bead.

Then just put the whole thing in the kiln.

Or - let the bead cool enough to not be sticky - and push the bead off the mandrel into the kiln (use a tool!!! Not your fingers!) and re-use the mandrel.

Hot d4mn! This is waaaaaay easier!


  1. Good tip - I haven't tried the bead cores yet. Maybe I'll try one out at the trunk show this weekend.

  2. Ok, so I've been lampworking for a couple of years now, but I still consider myself something of a newb... I have found a lot of glass resources online, but haven't seen these pre-formed cores. Where can I find them? I'd love to try them out! And for that matter, where can I get some of those stainles steel chopsticks you mentioned too?
    PS, I enjoy your blog - your color reviews are great and have really helped me when it comes to color selections!